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About GTC

GTC was established in 2003, under the name of Golden Triangle Company and is fully Kuwaiti owned company with a paid-up capital of $ 5 million USD. For past three years, our organization has grown and established a solid reputation in the business community with our technology partners for developing and deploying dynamic, robust and flexible Medical solutions built on leading edge technologies. GTC is considered one of the fastest growing newly established Medical Technology providers among its peers and rivals. During the mid-2003 GTC began focusing on Medical sub-specialties like Neurophysiology, Imaging applications, Radiology, Audiology, Speech therapy, gait analysis, Sport Medicine, physiotherapy and patient monitoring.

GTC managed to secure sizeable contracts within the previously mentioned fields and proved its reliability in delivering a precise business to Kuwaiti community and expects to increase its sales to more than 13 Millions US dollars. GTC has become well established and operates within a framework of strategies that have assisted to guide and propel our organization towards being a Market player that is unique and demonstrates originality in every fact of our business.


When GTC was formed we asked ourselves two questions…

  1. How can we help our client's effectively find and implement solutions that address their needs to improve medical services offered to their patients and help them face new situations today?
  2. How can we generate new opportunities that will help them stay ahead of the field in the future?

Our answers to these questions have led us to direct our focus on three concepts:

Innovation, Ingenuity, Customer Support.

Embracing the momentum of ever changing technology offerings, we continue to believe in our ability to craft the most innovative solutions, such ingenuity builds lasting value into the products and solutions we deliver to our clients. GTC offers end-to-end solutions including Delivery, Installation, after sales services, technical support and maintenance.

We provided a range of solutions for medical applications in the areas of Radiology, Neurophysiology, Audiology, Speech therapy, Sport Medicine, Spine and Motion analysis. By combining innovation, ingenuity and customer Support we are able to deliver Products and solutions that are right for our clients.


Golden Triangle is fully owned by
Alaa Abusharkh

Sheikh Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah

Managing Director

Mr. Khalid Al Nakib

Official Representative and Cosigner for Managing Director

Mr. Haithem Maracy

Disposables Manager

Mr. Mohammed Al-Adwani

Operations & Projects Manager

Eng. Ahmed Fathi

International & Region Manager

Mr. Hussain Saleh

Financial Manager

Mr.Sherif Rateb

Sales & Marketing Manager

Eng. Ammar Abounaser

Servicel Manage

Mr. Fadi Issa

Special Project Manager


Our organization was inspired by the idea that –

Introducing new solid and dynamic Medical products can only enhance customer satisfaction, have a positive impact on medical performance and ultimately enhance the patient's recovery.

Our vision coupled with years of experience, delivered by our senior employees, has enabled us to thrive on the challenge of each new and unique medical project.

Our pursuit is to deliver exceptional and progressive core medical products that are right for our clients today and tomorrow.


Partnering. Collaboration. People.

In this challenging environment, partnering is a widely used phrase that speaks of commitment, trust, understanding and excellence. Through collaboration and partnership, we are renewing our dedication to market growth and customer satisfaction. We grew to be this strong, international enterprise by developing fields of opportunity with our clients, and we must continue to relate as a partner with clients, suppliers, and consultants. But, we have also learned that partnering must be internal. All our teams collaborate as never before to share technology, conduct joint planning, analysis and development efforts, create and enhance services, and leverage our resources. We are promoting the transfer of information and technology across all teams to our clients.

We capture and cultivate the highest caliber of professionals, continue to help them grow, and extend their talents to the market and to our clients. At GTC, we believe that investing in our people translates into a better solution and a better experience for our clients.


Partnering. Collaboration. People.

  1. Select and train loyal customers. Products sales through educational programs.
  2. Provide our team with the tools, knowledge and coaching to foster creativity and professional growth.
  3. Provide exceptional service that exceeds the expectations of our clients and partners.
  4. Provide our organization with a forward thinking vision and focused strategy to remain competitive long into the future.
  5. Seek new market segments for our products.
  6. Continuous Interaction with the local medical community.

Partnering. Collaboration. People.

Introducing new products require careful planning and implementation steps. When these steps are executed well they have the way for business to proceed smoothly simply because expectations are clearly understood by all parties involved.

Collectively, GTC’s team has decades of practical knowledge and every member of our team is trained and experienced with a range of operating systems, database management systems, and development languages.

GTC provides development, implementation, integration and customization expertise that guide our clients toward achieving their information technology goals. We work in close partnership with our clients to ensure the project is conducted on time and on budget, and more importantly that the solution meets their expectations.

  1. The first sure thing about the future is that it's coming.
  2. The second is that in order to embrace the future, you have to be ready for the unexpected.
  3. This demands agility, creativity, and the ability to innovate using the latest and most effective technologies and methods available.